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Zumba Classes for Ladies in Mississauga (Marta_Zumba)

@marta_zumba, our partner Zumba instructor is offering 16 weeks long Zumba classes on Thursdays (8-9pm) and Saturdays (9-10am) at an affordable price.
For more information, please contact us or dm @marta_zumba.
Phone No: 416.459.8983
Email: martaumba@rogers.com
Location: Dance to the Rhythm Studeio 392 Gibraltar Drve (STUDIO B – 2nd floor), Mississauga, ON L5T 2P6


Zumba started in Colombia in the 1990s. It is an exercise fitness program which includes movements inspired by different Latin American dances, and is performed to music. The classes are led by instructors and usually the dance moves are simple and heavy on the hips.

Zumba is an interval workout alternating between high-intensity and low-intensity movements and its result over time is incredible. No wonder it has gained such popularity in the past few years.

Here are some reasons why it has become so popular.


1. Full-body workout
If you look at your gym bodies, they work on their upper body one day and on their lower body the next day. They have another day to work on their abs.

But unlike conventional bym full-body workout routine, Zumba gives you a full-body workout everyday. It works from your head to toe every single time you partake in Zumba class.

2. Weight loss
A study in the American Journal of Health Behavior showed that when women with type 2 diabetes and obesity did Zumba three times a week for 16 weeks, they lost an average of 2.5 pounds and lowered their percentage of body fat by 1%.

Zumba does not only include dance movements. It also includes fitness exercises like squats and push ups. So due to its high intensity workouts, you burn calories, fats and shed some weight.


3. Build endurance
When you are doing fast paced movements, you are increasing your endurance. If you do it on regular basis, you can see vast improvement on your physical endurance. While you could barely last for a few minutes in your first day, doing Zumba can help you increase these few minutes to up to an hour.

Zumba not only helps improve your physical endurance. It also builds aerobic and anaerobic endurance.


4. Cardiovascular benefits
Zumba, fundamentally, is a form of cardiovascular exercise and hence you can reap all the benefits of cardiovascular exercise by doing Zumba.

It works your heart muscles, makes it stronger and healthier and decreases your chances of contracting any kind of heart diseases. It also decreases the percentage of LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein) which if present in high percentage can lead to clogged arteries, heart diseases and strokes.


5. Increase in confidence
After doing Zumba for a few weeks, you will find that you are more confident. It improves your posture and boosts your self-esteem. It might be related to the fact that because you are performing in front of so many people every day, you start feeling less self-conscious about yourself and that lowers your inhibitions. You automatically start feeling good about yourself.


6. Anyone can join
Zumba classes are offered at different levels and intensity. It can be suitable for older as well as young people.

Here are the different types of zumba classes you can join:

Zumba Gold Classes
These classes are designed for beginners and older people.

Zumba Step Classes
It involves lower-body workout that incorporates Zumba routines and step aerobics with Latin dance rhythms.

Zumba Toning Classes
These classes are for those people who do their workouts with toning sticks. It targets the abs, thighs, arms, and other muscles throughout the body.

Aqua Zumba Classes
These classes are held in a swimming pool. The instructor leads the class poolside while participants follow in shallow water. These classes keep the Zumba Fitness classes going in the pool.

Zumba in the Circuit Classes
These classes usually last 30 minutes and feature strength exercises on various stations in timed intervals.

Zumba Kids and Zumba Kids Jr. Classes
These classes are designed for children between the ages of 7 and 11.

Zumba Sentao
This is a chair workout that focuses on using body weight to strengthen and tone the body.

Zumba Gold-Toning Classes
These classes are for older participants with goals of improving muscle strength, posture, mobility, and coordination.

Strong by Zumba
This combines high intensity interval training with Synced Music Motivation.


7. Improves your quality of life
When all these benefits are combined, you can see improvement in your quality of life. When you keep doing it for months, it doesn’t just become exercise. It becomes a way of life.

Once you start doing Zumba, I am sure that you will be hooked to it and keep coming back for more. So go on folks! Start your next day with Zumba and make a habit out of it.

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    1. Hi Joey,
      Thank you for reaching out. We do have a few parterns currently offering Zumba classes in Brampton and Mississauga area. Our website will be live in 2 weeks so you can always browse through the classes thats ideal for you.

      Will send the details about the instructors on your email.
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    1. Hi Cathy,

      Thank you for inquiring about our Zumba classes. We only have Zumba classes offered to adults at this point. But We would love to notify you about kids classes in the future. Please stay connected.

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