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Yoga classes for kids | Brampton & Mississauga

Yoga classes for Kids | Brampton & Mississauga

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Yoga classes for kids

Kids yoga classes happening in Toronto

Classes starting on : November 5th, 18th 24th and December 1

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Kids yoga classes by Irina

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One day Yoga & Mindfulness for Children workshop in September in Brampton and Oakville! Irina Kazakevic, our Partner Yoga Instructor in Mississauga, is offering one day workshop on Yoga & Mindfulness for Children on September 15th and 29th. September 15: @onceuponamat September 29: @kaulikayoga In the workshop, you will learn easy and effective tools that will help children self-regulate, deal with strong emotions and improve academic achievements which you can apply in your classroom or at home and see an instant shift in children’s behaviour and in the way you show up as a teacher or a parent! You will also receive two FREE bonuses: BE KIND Kids yoga unit and The 8 Most Popular Yoga Games ebook! So hurry up and register at! For more information, please contact us or @yogabreakforchildren! #bramptonyoga #mississaugayoga #oakvilleyoga #classmonk #sharewhatyouknow

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The origin of yoga dates back to over 5000 years ago, and it is still alive in the present whose popularity is only increasing by the day. That makes it clear that yoga has undeniable advantages to human body and mind.

Yoga, at its core, is a physical, mental and spiritual practice which brings you closer to reality. Its comprehensive nature is what has made it people’s favorite. From bigwigs to CEOs to celebrities to normal people, everyone is taking up yoga as their key route to living a healthy lifestyle.

Initial, only popular among adults, in the last few years, yoga has become popular to kids as well because of its awesome benefits to kids. Even scientific studies support that yoga is beneficial for kids. Slowly the trend is rising and more and more schools and parents are becoming aware of how good yoga can do for the kids. So the number of kids doing yoga is increasing every day.

So let’s see how yoga can benefit kids in their early as well as in their future life.


1. Yoga is inclusive and non-competitive

As you are all aware, no single kid is like the other. They are different and unique in their own way. So what one might be good at or comfortable with, other might not be as good and as comfortable. Likewise, not every single kid is good at sports like football, baseball, gymnastics which are very competitive in nature. Not every child enjoys the competitive nature of these sports. This might be the reason why kids shy away from gym class which might be stopping them from reaping the health benefits.

But unlike these sports, yoga is very inclusive and non-competitive by nature and it might perfectly suit your child’s need. Yoga does not focus on winning, competing with others and being better than the person sitting next to you. Yoga is all about focusing on yourself and trying to bring out the best version of yourself. So if kids not fair well in the competitive environment, yoga can work wonders in them.


2. Yoga improves focus of kids

Children these days have a very busy schedule. From their school work to their music lessons to their soccer practice, children have to much on their plate that they do not have much time to stop and focus what is happening in their life. They are constantly juggling between school work and practice session. Amidst all this hectic schedule, yoga can help them give a perspective of what is happening and focus better. With deeper breathing, yoga can help your child to focus and be in the present. Yoga can also improve their concentration which can improve their performance in school.


3. Yoga has calming effect on kids

It is a proven fact that yoga has calming effect on adults and it’s equally true for children as well when practiced correctly. It reduces stress in them, keeps them calm and renders happiness in them.

Children’s problems are often overlooked. Your child might have depression either because of the heavy workload from school or because they have experienced violence or seen something that has made enormous impact on them. Whatever the reason, they might be depressed and are looking for an outlet.

Yoga can be that outlet. Yoga focuses on deep breathing. With each inhalation, you breathe in positivity and with each exhalation, you dispel all the negativity, depressions and problems. Children learn to control their breath. When they master the art of deep and controlled breathing, they can calm themselves whenever they get anxious or get depressed.


4. Yoga promotes healthy lifestyle

Yoga is very comprehensive in nature and because of that, it benefits every facet of your body. Regular practicing of yoga can improve your flexibility which increases blood flow through your body. It also helps improve your posture and increases your strength. It helps you lose your weight and tone your muscles. It also improves your respiration, energy and vitality. It maintains balanced metabolism. It improves cardio and circulatory health, athletic performance and protects from injury. The list of health benefits of yoga goes on.

When kids start practicing yoga from early on, they will reap all these health benefits all the while laying a good foundation of healthy future life.


5. Yoga can be a great confidence booster

Yoga teaches children to accept the way they are. It teaches them to be comfortable with their body. It teaches them to come in terms with their inner thoughts and opinions. When they accept the way they are, when they stop judging themselves by other’s standard, they become confident.

Yoga comprises of various poses and the knowledge that after hours of practice, they can do those poses in the right way can boost their confidence and their self-esteem as well. It gives them a sense of accomplishment. And the great thing about yoga is it allows kids to progress in their own pace so they do not feel pressured and conscious.


Getting started with Kids Yoga

Schools have realized how yoga can improve overall performance of children if they start early on. So the chances are yoga might be part of the curriculum of the school in which your kid goes. If not, you can always opt for yoga classes for kids. Not just schools, various yoga instructors offer yoga classes for kids as well. Or you can join yoga classes for family and practice together with your kid.

If you are a yogi, then you can teach your kid yourself too. If you choose to do so, you have to be very careful of the yoga lessons you devise for your child. You need to remember that what works for adults does not work for children.

Children, by nature, cannot stay in the same position and focus for a long time. The classes cannot be boring and serious. It has to be fun and playful because children react better when these elements are incorporated in the lesson.


Yoga Classes for Kids in Brampton and Mississauga

Yoga classes for kids are offered by friendly and experienced yoga instructors who have years of experience of teaching yoga to kids. Yoga classes for family are offered in Brampton and Mississauga as well.

To find more about the yoga classes, please visit


    1. Hi Lisa,

      Yoga can be beneficial to any age group. However, the intensity of the classes varies as age group changes. We have a few partner yoga instructors currently offering Kids Yoga Classes in Greater Toronto Area ( Brampton, Mississauga and Etobicoke).

      Feel free to contact us so we can get you connected to a some of our best yoga instructors.

      Hope it helps

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