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Why Cooking classes

Everyone loves eating delicious meals and this is one of things that we all humans have in common. A table full of tasty food is what brings us together and spreads joy and happiness in our lives.

But with a tight schedule and new restaurants opening up in every new corner, we have started forgetting one of the oldest arts, cooking, one which feeds us and keeps us alive. We have become totally dependent on the restaurant foods and takeouts which, may not be as healthy, but is a lot easier and convenient. But if you take a minute to think about it, then you will see why learning to cook is better than eating in restaurants or having takeouts.

If you have not found a reason or motivation to learn cooking yet, here are some reasons why everyone should take it up. Keep on reading and you just might find an inspiration to test out your stoves!


You eat healthier food

cooking classes
When you are eating in restaurants, you do not know what ingredients they have used. You need to think whether the food is healthy or not and whether the ingredients are organic or covered in a layer of pesticides. Besides, restaurants add chemical additives to make food look fresh, appetizing and aesthetically pleasing which might be detrimental to your health and may cause anything from hives to asthma. And you might get allergy since
you do not know what’s in the food.

But when you know how to cook, you don’t have to keep guessing what the ingredients are. You get to buy the ingredients and pick which goes in the meal and which does not. You get to pick organic foods and prepare a healthy delicious meal from scratch. You don’t have to worry about contracting hives or asthma. You won’t become allergic to anything since you know what went in the dish. It will also help you to control your weight because you will be more mindful of what you are eating and how much you are eating. You know what calories you are eating every day. You know what goes inside your body. To sum it up, you will be having healthy meals which in turn result in healthy life.


You don’t have to depend on others
It always feels good when you know that you don’t have to depend on others and by learning to cook, you will be independent of your parents and the restaurants you depend on so much.

When you are living with your parents, it might not be problem. But you won’t always live at your parents. Maybe not today, but after a few years, you will move out of their house and into your own. That’s when the trouble begins! You can eat in restaurants or enjoy the takeouts. But you can depend on them only for so long. They are expensive and you will grow out of them eventually. So it’s always better to be prepared beforehand. Who knows what the future holds! Also the knowledge that you can make your own food and feed yourself will boost your self-esteem and confidence.

So once you learn how to cook, you can say goodbye to frozen meals, cheap Chinese takeouts and pizzas and welcome fresh and healthy foods!


Cooking is fun and rewarding

cooking classes
Most people take cooking as a chore that needs a lot of effort. But once you know the basics, you will realize that cooking is a fun. You can work on your basic by either taking a cooking class or by asking your chef friend for a few cooking lessons. It’s as simple as that!

Cooking involves the use of your creativity too. Once you know the basics and know how to cook simple dishes, you can let your imagination run wild. experiment with ingredients and try to make a never-made-dish-before just for fun. And it might just be the next big thing in the cooking world.

Besides it is always satisfying to see how you have created a complete meal course from a few boxes of ingredients. And when you hear others accolade the much deserved praise, it’s just cherry on the cake. It works wonders on your self-esteem and you become more confident.


You will be saving money
Restaurants have to recover many costs. So along with food, they will also charge you for the rent, salaries, staff (cooking, serving, housekeeping, billing), electricity etc. So the price of dining out is way more than cooking dinner at home. And with the price gap between cooking and dining out growing larger, it might be time that you start brushing up your cooking skill.

Cooking at home is obviously not free and you will need to allocate a budget for buying groceries. But it is a lot less than eating in a restaurant. And if you have a farmers market nearby, you can buy your groceries at even less price.

So it goes without saying that by learning how to cook, you will save a lot of money which you can spend on other things. You might as well save enough to treat yourself with a trip to an exotic land.


Flaunt your cooking skill and make others happy

When there’s a table full of delicious food, everyone becomes happy. Food is what unites us all and it becomes a common cause of joy and merriment. When you know how to cook, you can render happiness in other people’s lives and it’s always satisfying when you know that you are the reason behind someone else’s happiness. You can host parties and play the host. You can invite people over and have fun.

You can also bake cakes for someone’s birthday as a gift to show how much they mean to you. Homemade gifts always win over shop gifts.


Your dating life improves
Whether you are a man or a woman, if you know how to cook, it will be easy for you to score a date or two or maybe more.

It is a well known fact that a way to man’s (most men’s anyway) heart is through his stomach. So it’s natural that men find women who know how to cook more attractive and appealing. Having said that, it does not mean it’s not true the other way around. Women do find men who know how to cook and will fall in love with men who cooks delicious meal. And when you do score a date, it helps keep the romance alive in the future. You don’t have to go to a fancy restaurant for a date night. Instead, you can make a homemade meal and enjoy a candlelight dinner. It’s personal, more romantic and shows how much you care about the other person.


Cooking Classes Offered in Brampton and Mississauga
Whether you are a novice looking for cooking classes to learn to prepare simple dishes to get by or an expert who wants to brush up on their skills, you will find cooking classes suitable for everyone on Classmonk.

To see a list of cooking classes offered in Brampton and Mississauga, please visit

So peeps, ready to learn how to cook? And if you are already an expert, why do you enjoy it and why do you think everybody should learn it? Please share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.


  1. I had a bad habit of eating out most of the time. So, I have decided to cook for myself for a while but the thing is I absolutely can’t. I really want to cook for myself you know to save money and all. Could you help me find some cooking classes in Brampton?

    1. Hi Jasmine,

      You can find lots of cooking classes happening in Brampton. Simply go on and select Brampton you should be able to see the list of classes that are currently available. There are some great cooking classes in Brampton hope you will get some time to enjoy learning!

      Take care

    1. Hi Frank,
      Our passionate partners will be offering cooking classes for people living in Mississauga area. We will be live shortly with all the available classes soon. Please stay tuned.
      Thank you

    1. Hi Sujata,
      Our partners will be offering all kinds of classes from Canadian to French to Indian. Please stay tuned for more details.

      Thank you

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