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Dancing has become quite famous in the last few year and rightly so. Finally it’s getting the attention it needs and YouTube has played an important role in it. You can find lots of amazing dancers in YouTube with their original choreos. They are no less than celebrities and they have got an impressive numbers of people following them. Besides the popularity and attention, let’s see what other benefits does dancing have:

Meet new people
There are a lot of people who wants to learn dance or are learning and and naturally if you join dance class, you are going to meet a lot of people. Going to dance class is a fun way of meeting people and extending your social circle. It also helps build confidence around people.

Weight loss
Dancing is fun and it’s a great calorie burner as well. Any dance form requires lots of body movements and by doing so you can burn lots of calories. Dance forms like Ballet and Hip-hop involves vigorous dance movements, which means you burn more calories than dance forms like Waltz which
involves less vigorous movements. So the more the calories burnt, the more you lose weight.

Increased Strength and overall health
Dancing does not help you become buff as you can be when you go to gym. But yes, dancing does help build strength to some extent. All the jumps
and lifts and power moves requires muscular strength for control, graceful execution and safety. With increased strength, you get more energy for dancing and you become a great dancer.

Improve Flexibility
Can you imagine how ballet dancers would perform ballet if they had no flexibility? Or contemporary dance for that matter? No right?
Stretching is a very important part of dance routine. Before dancing, stretching is mandatory to avoid injuries so that your muscles loosen up and you become flexible. Every dance requires dancers to be flexible to give their best. The only difference is to what extent. Dance styles like ballet and contemporary requires maximum flexibility but dance forms like whacking do not require as much flexibility. Once you are flexible, you will have a wider range of motion and your dancing will become easier, smoother and more gracefully.

Builds Stamina
Seeing dancers perform for a long period of time might seem like an easy thing for you. But dancers put in a lot of effort behind the scene to have that kind of stamina. They go through various trainings and lots of practice and only then do they posses stamina to perform physically challenging routines, So continuous and consistent practicing improves stamina.

Overall health
Naturally, since dancing includes a lot of physical activity and exercise, it can prevent diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. It can also make your bones stronger and reduce the risk of osteoporosis These are lots of other advantages of learning how to dance. But if you truly want to learn, then you need no reason to do it. Just hop on the dance floor and shake it!


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