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Art Classes in Mississauga by Kartik Kaushik | Book your classes today


“Kartik is a graduate in Masters in Advertising and primarily a salesman, but his passion lies in Art. Right from his school days, he had shown genuine interest in art and had started sketching portraits.Now he continues to live his passion for art using variety of mediums like acrylics, oil, charcoal and clay on paper & canvas. His art show originality of his thoughts and notions about life. His forte is portraits, horses, semi-abstract and still life. Kartik’s art is displayed in several private and corporate collections.”

Art Classes in Mississauga by Pooja | Book your classes today

“Hello everyone! My name is Pooja Yadav. I am a professional artist experienced in water color, acrylic and oil painting and having experience of teaching child with special needs also. I can help uniquely abled children in their learning skill and this also helps them in their behavioral therapy as well.

One of my students has Turner’s Syndrome. I would love to help you get in touch with her parents so you know how I have been able to help her.”

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