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Are you a swim instructor? Here are things you should always remember

  1. Are you a swim instructor? Here are things you should always remember

Teaching can be a really tough job to do sometimes. You never know what the day will bring or what your students will be like. Even though you have been in the game for several years or just started out teaching how to swim to your fellow students, keeping a few things (listed below) in mind might help a lot to keep things going.

Have an easy schedule

Don’t mix up too many swim schedules in a single day. Mixing up different swim lessons in one day can confuse your students and yourself too. And, if you have many sessions in one day, you won’t be able to give enough rest and concentration to yourself. Take it easy, only mentor students you think is easy on you.

Keep your lessons longer than half an hour and shorter than hour

Since swimming is tiring and kids are hard to entertain for a longer period of time, keep your swim lessons short. Schedule the timing according to the type of lessons you are going to teach on the day. Your students will get bored, frustrated or tired during long sessions.

Personalize your lessons

One thing that can give you a hard time when teaching swimming is teaching it to a group. Every kid is different and each kid will have a different difficulty when learning how to swim for the first time. Moreover, they will create distractions for each other and the teacher as well. So, try teaching individual students, know about his/her difficulty and things s/he should focus on more. Then create a lesson according to your student’s
need. This will help them grow easily and efficiently. It will make your work easier.

Let them play games or challenges

Occasionally, allow your students to play games or compete with each other. You could allow them to race each other from one wall to another. You could make them swim through hula hoops. This will lighten their mood up and may teach a few tricks along the games. It will also allow them to access their swim progress.

Use simple terms

While teaching your first time students, don’t use technical words. If you do use them, explain all the details thoroughly. If they don’t understand what they are hearing, it will only confuse them all along the lessons. Also, treat them respectfully, tell them what they are doing wrong politely. Give them time to improve and give them a comfortable environment to ask anything that confuses them.

Let them know they are safe, even in a deep water

If you remember yourself, fear was one of the most effective factor to keep you away from water. That is exactly what your first time students will feel. So, let them know you’re there for them and will look after them when they are in the pool. Use kind and motivating words. Wear appropriate clothes such as guard bathing suit, so that they can trust you and your skills.

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