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Are you tired of your key on-land workout routine and wants to try something new for boredom buster? Throw in aquafit in your workout routine and enjoy the changes it offers.

Worried that you do not know how to swim? No worries! You don’t have to know how to swim because it is usually done in waist to neck deep water. Of course knowing how to swim helps, but it’s not a requirement.

Now what actually is aquafit? Chances are you have already heard about it and if you belong to the minority group who has not heard about it, then let’s have a quick rundown on what aquafit is and why you should give it a try.

What is aquafit?

Aquafit, also known as water aerobics, waterobics, aquatic fitness or aquafitness is the performance of aerobics exercise in a waist to neck high deep water. Performed mostly in shallow water and done mostly vertical, it is a type of resistance training which appeals to people of every age group.

While similar to land aerobics, aquafit adds the component of water resistance and buoyancy. It’s not as intense as you would expect land aerobics to be, but you can still reap benefits that you wouldn’t get from training on land. Most aquafit classes are in a group fitness class setting led by a certified instructor for about an hour and these classes focus on aerobic endurance, resistance training, and creating an enjoyable atmosphere with music.

Now that you have tried aquafit classes, and you want variety within the aquafit classes, you have the options there too. There are different forms of aquafit that you can try which includes aqua Zumba, water yoga, aqua aerobics, and aqua jog. You can even try aqua cycling and water pole dancing to make your training session in the pool more exciting.

Now let’s get on with the benefits of aquafit training. Here’s are some reasons why you should try water aerobics.

Aquafit increases muscle strength and stamina

Because water is denser than air and because water flows in multiple directions, working out in pool provides you with much greater resistance than that you would expect from any resistance training on land. So you need to use greater force to move your body in the water. This helps to tone your muscle, increase your strength, stamina and endurance. And not just your muscles, it also works your internal organs and lymphatic system
providing you a full body workout – both inside and outside.

Aquafit increases your flexibility and range of motion

While you are in the swimming pool, you are subjected to water resistance and requires movement in various directions while adjusting to the push and pull of water. Each stroke, movement, and kick is met with resistance,
which increases muscle and ligament flexibility and the joints naturally increase their range of motion.

Even sports therapists recommend training in water to improve your flexibility. It is even backed by various researches like the ones done by University of South Carolina. According to the research from the University of
South Carolina, aqua exercise employs a wider range of motion due to the fact that water is much denser than air.

Aquafit alleviates pressure on the joint

In aquafit classes, you will be performing movements while suspended in water where the feet cannot touch the bottom surface resulting in non-impact workout session. Even when your feet touches the ground, the impact will
still be quite less when compared to training on land. .

Whether you are running or jumping on land, the pressure that is put into your joints is high and it might easily wear and tear tissues. But unlike training on land, aquafit provides you with low impact exercises which put very little to no pressure on the joints. Since buoyancy of the water helps take off some of the impact we tend to place on our body due to our own weight, so whether you are jumping or running in the water, the strain does not equal to impact when running or jumping on land.

So if you are suffering from joint pain or a chronic joint condition, like arthritis, aquafit will provide you with a safe environment for exercise since it is joint friendly.

Aquafit helps you relieve stress, anxiety and depression

Watching bodies of water and the water movement can be very soothing and being in the water can just be asĀ  soothing. That is why water sound is used for meditation. And exercising in water can just be plain fun. When you
are having fun while exercising in the water, you forget all the worries that you have in your life. When you are doing exercise and at the same time having fun, your body starts producing feel-good chemicals like endorphins and
serotonin which reduces your stress, anxiety and depression.

Aquafit is a great way to burn calories without sweating in the gym

Human body tends to stay at fixed constant temperature under healthy conditions and it takes a considerable amount of energy to do this, which in turn burns energy to restore heat to your body. Also water applies constant
pressure against your skin through your entire body. This improves blood circulation throughout your body which also makes it easier to burn calories. This fact combined with strength and cardio training along with water resistance, your body can burn anywhere around 400 to 500 calories in an hour of exercise depending on the intensity with which you perform exercise.

Aquafit helps in reducing blood pressure

Aquafit not only tones your muscles or improves flexibility, it also helps in reducing blood pressure. The force of the water from every side causes increase in blood flow to your heart hence decreasing your blood pressure.

So if you are suffering from hypertension or heart disease, this can be an effective but fun workout giving you desired result.

Aquafit is a great exercise for active recovery

Football players, marathon runners and professional athletes who train hard on land resort to the swimming pools for their post-workout recovery. It is because of the fact that it is a low impact exercise and hence is easy on the joints, relieves pain, and offers visibly therapeutic effects.

It can also substitute your main workout when you are injured. You don’t have to stop working out just because you have muscle tears or soreness in muscles. You can still remain fit with aquafit.

Aquafit is for everyone

No, aquafit is not for older citizens or people with joint problems! Get over this stereotype. Aquafit is for everyone. It is not limited to any age group or skill level. It appeals to younger generation because they naturally enjoy being
in the water and it has its own appeal to older people as well because of its low impact nature. If you are an young adult, it can be great active recovery option for you.

Aquafit Classes in Brampton and Mississauga

Combining all these benefits with the fact that you don’t have to deal with stickiness and fatigue typical of a land routine, aquafit can help you in your pursuit to a healthier life. So if you are looking for aquafit classes in Brampton
and Mississauga offered by trained and certified instructors, please visit www.classmonk.com to see more.

So ready to start your first aquafit class? And if you are already doing aquafit, share your experience and tell us why everyone should give it a try in the comments below.


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